While the Rangers lept to a 1-0 advantage in their best-of-7-clash with the Devils, courtesy of Wednesday’s 4-1 victory,  WFAN’s Chris Russo failed to coax a series prediction out of co-host Mike Francesca earlier in the day.

Francesca explained to his excitable sparring partner that he’d not watched one scintilla of hockey this past regular season, and while he was planning to catch some of the playoffs, his would not be an informed opinion.

Sadly, a similar sense of humility wasn’t employed moments later when Russo bemoaned Pat Summit’s cancellation of the annual Tennessee/Connecticut tilt, as women’s basketball is in the Dog’s estimation, “a dead sport”.  This discussion followed Tuesday’s broadcast in which Russo broke down the quarter-hour ratings in the New York market for the CBS’ broadcast of the men’s NCAA hoops championship. Who’d have thought NY radio’s biggest SF Giants fan harbored a secret desire to write for Variety?

Quote Of The Week has to go to Bleacher Report : “The reason the Rangers-Devils series is so intriguing is that those two cities practically hate each other in the first place.”   Yeah, that NYC/Newark rivarly is a hot one. Manhattan residents are fucking obsessed with making fun of Newark at all available opportunities.  It’s almost as brutal as the NYC/East Rutherford feud.