(l-r : Wrighty, noted Rocky Marciano biographer.  Not shown : nasty fuck in sunglasses and black shirt)

WFAN’s Mike Francesca used his little-watched “Mike’d Up” program on WNBC/Ch. 4 last night to insist he and David Wright have “made amends”, and while it’s tempting to imagine the Mets 3B breaking the ice with an appropriate gift, it’s more likely both parties realized they have little to gain in furthering the feud.  For Steve Keane of The Eddie Kranepool Society however, nothing short of the radio host losing his job will suffice.

By not conceding that Wright is one of the top 10 players in the game today, it showed Francesa™ ignorance and his nastiness. Make no mistake Mike Francesa is one nasty fuck and both Wright and Church gave him their ass to kiss and rightly so.  I mean for David Wright not to agree to come on his show, that™s all you need to know that Francesa either needs to get a personality transplant “a la Tom Coughlin—or he needs to pack it in as no one is tuning in to here his political views or reviews of movies made 60 years ago.

His one on one with Fernando Martinez was embarrassing as he really had no clue on the kid’s accomplishments, his age or what he has done as a 20 year old playing in Double A. No ,all Francesa could talk about was the injury factor. The best interview was with Oliver Perez who blew Francesa off after two questions. Of course, there is the Wright/ Church matter that both players who made it known to Jay Horowitz that no way in hell were they going on with Francesa. So WFAN wasted all that money to send Mike down there just to wear those hideous sunglasses and model his collection of black shirts.