…nor ill-founded accusations of plagiarism.  Wes Malott, he of the burgeoning war of words with Michael Wilpon, was victorious in Sunday’s Etonic Marathon Open, and in the eyes of Strike For Show…Spare For Dough‘s Leftyism, can safely be called a sore winner.

Two weeks ago, he basically dismissed the tournament as not being fair in saying that you should not take the technology out of the players hands. Then he proceeds to win the tournament rather comfortably and during the process was calling out PTI’s Mike Wilbon about his comments about him hiding from it because he didn’t think he could win. Malott’s response was that he needed a week off on the show…we like to call that in the media as Covering Your Own Ass.

Personally, Malott’s mouth has done more for me to dislike him this year more than anything else. He did not accept the first mixed championship pattern on TV, and then he railroads the tour for electing to take technology out of the players hands. It seemed like Malott got sensitive toward the issue and elected to tell “his side of the story” just a week too late.