From the Austin-American Statesman’s Kirk Bohls, Saturday morning :

With lots of speed on both sides of the ball and a flashy, irrepressible quarterback who relishes this kind of stage, the Longhorns will finally exorcise some of their big-game demons and win a 27-24 classic.

Wow. Move over, Wayne Root.

Texas 25, Ohio State 22

Quote of the night from ABC’s Gary Danielson following Henry Melton’s failure to dive over the goal line with 19 seconds left :

“You’re 275 pounds! LOWER YOUR SHOULDER!”

I bet he will, next time. Much as I suspect Jim Tressel shall in the future, opt to protect a 6 point lead by pinning the opposition against their own end zone rather than attempt a field goal from 50 yards out with less than 5 minutes to go.

Local wags will proclaim this the Game Of The Year, but I humbly submit Delaware’s 34-33 OT win over Lehigh earlier tonight.