Two weeks after lowering the boom on recent Los Angeles arrival Max Kellerman, The Los Angeles Daily News’ Tom Hoffarth turns his attention from the region’s best/worst talk show hosts, and moves towards the subject of game analysts. How bad is Hoffarth’s pick for LA’s Lamest? He seriously proposes Eric Karros as a viable alternative.


Eric Karros. Jerry Reuss. Ron Cey. Al Downing. Jeff Torborg. All far more worthy candidates for this 40-game-a-year roadie. Oh, and they have some credibility as former Dodgers. Instead, the Psycho Babble act plods forward, and the Dodgers continue to be caught with their pants down here, trying to shake out the dirt.

Last year: No. 2, bottom 5.

2. MICHAEL SMITH, Clippers TV, Prime Ticket

Imagine if Blake Griffin’s heroics left him speechless. Cool, eh? The problem is that Smith overstates the obvious so much, it’s tougher to trust his judgment when Griffin does something extraordinary. Take this exchange he had with Ralph Lawler on the Jan. 12 Clippers-Heat broadcast, after a LeBron James bounce pass led to a basket: “That’s one of the best passes I’ve ever seen,” Smith said. “Settle down,” Lawler said. “I don’t ever overstate things,” Smith deadpanned, causing Lawler to chuckle and respond: “Of course not.” Smith: “I NEVER do. That’s one of the best passes I’ve ever seen.” Lawler: “(They just called) a jump ball.” Smith: “A terrible call.” That it was.