The Sun’s Grant Rollins asks, “has anyone ever netted a sweeter strike?” I certainly hope so, otherwise either the Murdock paper or CSTB is painfully late in covering a goal that was scored 5 days ago.

Fans of the beautiful game have been gasping in wonder at the cheeky crossed kick effort by Peruvian Andres Vasquez.

It was the 19-year-old midfielder™s first league goal for Swedish side IFK Gothenburg and it is unlikely he will ever top it.

On Monday night he took the ball from an Orebro player, ran to the edge of the penalty area and, as the ball rolled, moved his left leg behind his right.

With the outside of his left boot he then chipped the ball sweetly into the top corner of the net.

Fansite described Vasquez™s belter as the œGreatest goal ever scored. Ever. Ever. Ever and œa goal that will surely never be equalled. called it œa goal beyond description. His trick is not new, but is normally used for a pass.”