Jason Cohen supplies the following link, writing “it should be raw meat for you.” An argument for going plant-eater is more like it. From the Oregonian’s John Canzano :

The nation’s media columnists are whiffing on the search for Dan Patrick’s replacement. Why isn’t anyone yet seriously talking, or writing, about Colin Cowherd sliding into the clean-up spot in the ESPN-radio lineup? All I’m reading these days is a bunch of writers backslapping their writer friends, supposing that the Patrick replacement will be from the printworld.Maybe I’m stepping out of my beat here, but all Cowherd has done is double Tony Kornheiser’s ratings, and triple the advertising revenue in the same timeslot. He seems like the obvious choice to me, but we all have our own taste.

I do like KC-Star columnist Jason Whitlock, a ton. I’d sit in a small garage filled with bus fumes as long as I had Whitlock there with me to kick around thoughts with, but if you’re ESPN, doesn’t Cowherd plain make sense?

Everytime I mention Cowherd, I get email from readers telling me they find him shrill and unlistenable. And the other blogs hate the guy… not that a bunch of guys sitting around in their bathrobes, playing X-box while surfing the Internet for Bai Ling photos should be counted on to set quality-control standards.

Perhaps one of our pals in the radio industry can clear this up for me — isn’t leaving Cowherd right where he is bound to be more lucrative for ESPN? Not only will C.C. dodge Patrick’s upcoming syndicated debut, but he’ll continue to avoid head to head competiton from Francesca & Russo in New York, and WEEI’s “The Big Show” in Boston. Granted, that’s just two cities, but two of the more important markets for sports yackery.

All of that aside, props to Canzano on the oh-so-timely X-Box and Bai Ling references. Presumably, Cowherd’s fans are just using his show as background banter while they work on their Ph.d’s in clinical psychology.