Two men were hospitalized following gunfire in the Candlestick Park parking lot Saturday night after a 49ers/Raiders exhibition game, and while I’m tempted to say no one should ever die at a contest that doesn’t even count in the standings, there’s bigger issues to consider. Like for instance, the rotten rep of Oakland football fans, possibly the most misunderstood / most widely mocked American minority group this side of the Juggalos.  For Raiders CEO Amy Trask, it’s time to take the haters to task (SORRY).  Trask insists to the LA Times’ LA Now Blog that Raiders rooters are “terrific people”.

“I’m aware of the perception, and I don’t believe the perception is the reality,” she said. “Stereotypes are insidious. It’s so simple to stereotype Raiders fans. It’s an easy story. If you are hearing frustration coming through in my voice it’s because there’s frustration in my voice.”

Trask, who serves on the NFL’s Security Committee, said all teams in the league are serious about the safety of fans in the stands and in stadium parking lots.