While the New York Times’ Richard Sandomir and the Post’s Phil Mushnick each pay a fond farewell to the retiring Jim Kaat, the New York Daily News’ Bob Raissman praises Gary Cohen’s unique skill-set after his first year at SportsNet NY.

With the end of his first season on television closing in, Cohen (right) arrived at a conclusion that must be disappointing to those insisting that some sort of mystical power, and a thorough knowledge of thermography, are necessary to describe Jose Reyes scoring from first on a single down the right field line.

“It (going from radio to TV) is not nearly as difficult as some people make it out to be,” Cohen said.

Still, this does not mean Cohen’s rookie TV season has been Charmin soft. After all, working with Keith Hernandez can be … well, let’s just rewind the tape to Wednesday night. Mets-Marlins. Bottom of the third inning.

Director Bill Webb had SNY’s cameras focused on three empty hot tubs in an area of Dolphin Stadium known as “Bud Beach.”

“You figure it’s the last game of the home stand. The Marlins will soon be out of town,” Cohen said. “You would figure some group would be hanging out down there.”

Hernandez, overcome by a “Caddyshack” flashback, responded by saying: “Maybe they found a Baby Ruth floating in there (the hot tubs) or something.”

Cohen reacted appropriately. He just laughed. A really long, loud laugh.