“I’m not rushing home to watch “Baseball Tonight” highlights of Ryan Howard,” snorted ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd this morning. “I’m sorry, I’m not going gaga over another one-dimensional home run hitter, I’m been burned too many times. You see a guy hitting that many home runs and you have to ask yourself if he isn’t on HGH.”

Strangely, ESPN’s mid-morning moron has no such qualms when it comes to his fascination with all things NFL and collegiate football. Not that anyone could be using human growth hormone in football.

Earlier on the program, Cowherd dismissed the interests of wrestling fans, proclaiming “this is big boy radio…you can tell a lot about an audience by the type of advertisers it attracts. If you’re on NBC showing the NFL, you attract Rolex. If you’re Spike TV, it’s Slim Jim.”

A very interesting observation considering the local affiliate playing “The Herd” usually features advertisers including cock pill pushers, baldness cures, strip clubs and night schools.