“One more replay of Roger Clemens patting Babe Ruth on the head Saturday would have only added another layer of Candyland hype to what the Yankees Entertainment & Sports Network billed as “The Rocket Re-Launch.” wrote Bob Raissman in yesterday’s New York Daily News, who embraced last Saturday as the perfect opportunity to mock virtually everyone in the YES empire.

“I don’t think anybody should paint this as an extraordinary outing for Roger Clemens,” Kay said. “He did okay.”

Okay? Is Steinbrenner shelling out that prorated $28 million for okay? Did Brian Cashman, Joe Torre and the rest of the Yankee brain trust fold to Clemens’ demands, letting him come and go as he pleases, for okay? Did Suzyn (Georgie Girl) Waldman go freaky-deaky, when Clemens said he was Bronx bound, for okay?

Okay, the un-Al Yankzeerish rap was coming from Al Yank’s headmaster, not his alter ego who does radio for the Worldwide Leader in Something.

Fortunately, for those waiting for their cue to wave Yankee pom-poms, Mr. Al Leiter parachuted in to fill the void. Leiter had a few choice words for his partner.

“I don’t know Michael. A six-inning quality start. And to get the win,” Leiter said. “… I’m not saying there’s an expectation of him throwing shutouts, but what he did today was beyond what people expected.”

Dissent is good, especially when it comes from the normally nonconfrontational Yankees TV propaganda arm. Nonetheless, viewers could’ve used even more of, “You idiot, did you really say that?” during Clemens’ 2007 Yankees debut.

Like in the second inning, when Kay tried justifying why Clemens does not attend spring training. “There are two reasons. One: He can do it. He can do whatever he wants because he’s Roger Clemens,” Kay said. “And he can no longer -at his age -give you a full six months of the season.”

Clemens can “do whatever he wants” as long as there is a team willing to overpay for his services and let him play by his own rules. As far as the “age” angle, well, that doesn’t jibe with all the talk about Clemens being some sort of supernautral competitor. Leiter and Bobby Murcer must have agreed with Kay. Neither had the inclination to challenge his statement.