As further revelations about Tiger Woods’ infidelities hit the ‘net, Woods has expressed contrition for “transgressions” against his family, but also suggested (not incorrectly) this shouldn’t be a public concern. Fox Sports’ Jason Whitlock would seem to agree, asking “why are we feigning shock that Tiger likes side dishes? Jordan and Barkley don’t? The PGA stands for Pussy Galore Association.” Along with taking shots at many of his usual foes (“wish I had the time to individually dissect the disingenuous ramblings of Rick Reilly, Sally Jenkins, Jay Mariotti, Mike Lupica”) Whitlock saves his sharpest criticism for Charles Pierce, the Esquire scribe whose 1997 profile of Woods revealed the golfing prodigy to be no more enlightened than your average 21 year old.

Pierce’s latest offering is an I-told-you-so column. He rages that Tiger’s puritan image is phony and points out that he wrote in great detail in 1997 that Woods was a scandalous, tail-chasing hound.

I don’t know how many rich, famous and good-looking 21-year-old athletes/men Charlie Pierce has interviewed. The ones I’ve met have all been scandalous, tail-chasing hounds. No different from the frat boys I met in college or the corner boys hustling on the block.

What sports world has Charlie Pierce been covering? The Tim Tebows are a rarity. Athletes ” male and female ” are, generally speaking, some of the most sexually aggressive people on the planet. They have perfectly sculpted bodies they love to show off. They have a self-confidence about their sexuality non-athletes generally don’t have.

But this is deeper than just athletes. Has Pierce ever spent time at a wealthy golf country club? Men (and women) with money are, generally speaking, the second-most sexually aggressive people on the planet. Who the hell does Pierce thinks flies women like Rachel Uchitel around the globe to party?

Tiger, like all men and women, needs to be judged by his peers, not angry, 60-year-old virgins.

I think I speak for dozens of loyal Whitlock readers when I say I am grateful for the courage and creativity that went into this piece ; it must’ve taken every ounce of self-control for Big Sexy not to use the word “tenderoni” at any point.