OK, I’ll admit when I see a headline reading “Baseball Coach Disappears With 20K”, my first thought was, “shouldn’t Wally Backman be refered to ‘manager’?”  Fortunately for the Las Vegas 51’s, Wally has nothing to do with the following story, as MiNBC’s Josh Marshall reports a coach for the Great Lakes Cyclones youth baseball squad has gone MIA with dough from the team’s fundraiser.

“We trusted him as a baseball coach and I could never see him doing this kind of thing,” said cyclones player Caleb Roumayeh.

Cyclone players and family are concerned for the future of their season.

They say more than 20 thousand dollars is gone along with any contact with the coach who was in charge.

“He was nowhere to be found his email were coming back undeliverable his phone has been disconnected his Facebook was gone and he pretty much just vanished with all the money,” said Renee Ray.

Today, the team hit the diamond to do what they know best.

“They want to play ball they want to be out here and enjoy it but our kids the last few days have been through a lot,” said Coach Larry Green.

“We trusted him as a baseball coach,” said Roumayeh.

The team faced with fees and insurance for the kids is fighting an uphill battle; however, with help from the community the team is staying afloat keeping family members hopeful.