When not suggesting Keith Hernandez needs to lose a few pounds and calling Julio Franco “a crotchety old man”, the New York Daily News’ Bob Raissman has the audacity to suggest the recently dismissed Don Imus will soon reclaim his old WFAN morning slot, the columnist characterizing the I-Man’s replacements as “A mish-mosh of miscast talent…failing to produce compelling morning radio.”

Mike Francesa droning on about the final episode of “The Sopranos,” or engaging in stale repartee with Chris (Mr. Chow) Carlin, had the cumulative effect of putting listeners who had just awakened back to sleep.

The “search” has been conducted in an indecisive manner. It’s hard to figure out exactly what kind of show the suits are looking for. News? Sports? Comedy? A combination? By now, the powers that be should have identified their replacement.

Moonves should start preparing for Imus’ re-entry. This won’t be easy. There will have to be some heavy PR work to justify bringing Imus back. While time heals, there will be a segment of the populace that is not ready to forgive and forget. Also, there is still bad blood between Imus and CBS. There have been reports of both sides trading lawsuits.

Whatever. There is no doubt Imus did not want to go out on such a low note of controversy. Acrimony can dissolve quickly when egos need gratification and there is money to be made.

Who knows, maybe the “search” has stalled because there are already behind the scenes talks about an Imus comeback.