Though the New York Daily News’ Bob Raissman gets the odd bit of abuse around here, I’ll give him a bit of credit. Between the end of the last Knicks/Rangers campaigns and the Mets’ introduction of SportsNet NY, he’s the only person I know who remembered that James Dolan controlled a TV station.

Seems like in the run-up to Madison Square Garden Network launching its half-hour “MSG, NY” show, a honcho received a voice mail from Garden boss James Dolan. The story goes that Guitar Jimmy did not like the name “MSG,NY” because it sounds like Fred Wilpon’s “SportsNet New York,” aka “SNY.”

Dolan instructed the executive to change the name of the show to MSG Central. Now, MSG suits are not about to place a call to Mr. Dolan and ask: “Hey, was that really you who called me?” So, the wheels were set in motion – until the same Garden exec received another call from Dolan.

Only this time the voice said forget about the name change and just take care of the union guys. Oops. The first Dolan was a Dolan soundalike. This was a joke courtesy of an imposter. “MSG, NY” remained “MSG, NY.”

Still, after watching the show early yesterday morning, following the Knicks’ triple-OT win over Memphis, there is no doubt “MSG, NY” could go by any number of names. Like “Shillography” or “Me MSG, You Moron.”