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Tennessee Athletic Director Mike Hamilton scolded students for œembarrassing language yelled during the Alabama game and asked them to use œgood judgment in selecting cheers.

Hamilton wrote a letter to the student newspaper, The Daily Beacon, and sent an e-mail to fans on Thursday about the issue.

Some fans complained about students yelling cheers laced with expletives.

œI have heard from many of you regarding chants led by our student body at the Alabama game. We ask that our fans demonstrate respect for our opponents while they are at Neyland Stadium. Our goal is to create a first-class environment to lend support to our team while maintaining a fun atmosphere for all fans, Hamilton wrote. œThis type of language is an embarrassment and does not represent our institution well.

A similar sentiment by Hamilton was published in the Beacon on Oct. 26: œI am at the same time disturbed by the embarrassing language directed at the University of Alabama this past weekend. … While we want students to serve as the twelfth man, we ask that you use good judgment on your chants during games in the future.

There’s no truth to the rumor the gentleman above has been dispatched to Tennessee to monitor student behavior.