Stan Heath was fired by outgoing Arkansas A.D. Frank Broyles earlier today. Heath compiled an 82-71 record over 5 seasons as Nolan Richardson’s successor, and his termination should crank up speculation about an approach towards Texas A&M’s Billy Gillispie. Just so long as Bobby Gillespie isn’t interviewed, I’m satisfied.

If Nate Robinson wants to scour the internet looking for shoes, hey, I’ve got no problem with that. But there’s all sorts of stuff he could purchase online.

Cavs Blog’s Brian Windhorst reports on a Warren Buffett sighting at Denver’s win over Cleveland last night (hey, that’s nothing — I saw Chris Simms at a UT baseball game yesterday), along with the following tidbit about a man who might rarely lack self confidence, but suddenly needs some cash.

-Not to say that Damon Jones is either disgruntled or assured he’s moving elsewhere after this season, but he informed everyone within earshot Sunday that everything he had was for sale. His house, his cars, even his diamond-crusted watch, which Daniel Gibson wanted a price on. I won’t say the number, but It seemed out of the rook’s range. He asked LeBron if he’d buy his house, which he bought off Bob Sura for 600K according to my searching. LeBron quoted him a cash price, which Damon thought about but rejected.