ESPN’s Rick Sutcliffe (above), paying homage to the Reds’ Ken Griffey Jr. during today’s Cincy/Boston tilt.

“You know, the thing about Junior that’s always jumped out at me…not only the amazing things he’s done on the field, but there’s never been anything wrong he’s done off the field.”

Indeed, other than getting hurt every 10 minutes, Junior’s nothing short of perfect.

Daisuke Matsuzaka’s line today : 5 IP, no runs, no hits, 5 walks, 6 K’s

Though Dave Schied — recently heard singing the praises of Marky Mark’s “Shooter” — never turned in the “Rocky Balboa” review he promised CSTB, perhaps I should’ve asked Da Edge.  From Newsday’s David Lennon.

It seems like TNT shows a Rocky marathon every other weekend, and the reason they do it is for people like Lastings Milledge. As soon as the Mets outfielder noticed Rocky III today on the clubhouse television, Milledge pulled up a stool, turned up the volume and was riveted to the screen. He was just in time for the training sequence involving Rocky and Apollo Creed sprinting side-by-side on the beach. I can’t help but wonder if he was picturing himself edging past Shawn Green in his mind’s eye.

“I’ve seen every one like 15 or 20 times,” Milledge said. “Every time it’s on, I have to watch it. I don’t know why. I’m addicted to them.”

It wasn’t long before Milledge had company around the TV, which hangs from the ceiling between two rows of lockers. Jose Valentin thew a mock right hook at a clubhouse kid, then walked off to the lunch room chanting, “Rock-ee! Rock-ee! Rock-ee!” Milledge barely flinched. His eyes never leaving the TV as Rocky stepped into the Madison Square Garden ring to face Clubber.

“These guys are ripped,” Milledge said. “I want to see Clubber Lang against the Russian [from IV].They’ve got to make one of those.”