If nothing else, the New York Post’s Phil Mushnick has his readership well trained.

From Brian Hyland, Ridgefield, Conn.: “The championship game of the World Baseball Classic was truly representative of the great American pastime. It ended at 12:57 a.m.”

That’s 12:57 am, Eastern Standard Time, Mr. Hyland. For the citizens for Japan, home of the WBC champs, the game ended at almost 3 in the afternoon. Given Phil’s long history of complaining that ball games are scheduled well beyond the snoozy hours of schoolkids, perhaps MLB and the WBC organizers are due some credit in this instance.

Mushnick’s typical tunnelvision aside, I am happy to note that the Post has changed Phil’s byline photograph. I’m not sure how the heterosexual women (and homosexual men) of the Tri-State area are expected to cope with this, but I’m sure we’ll see a massive circulation bump the next time the Murdoch property’s figures are revealed.