I manage to learn something new from Deadspin almost every day. Will Leitch’s weekend sub, The Mighty MJD observes that Steve Bruce’s Birmingham City are “in real danger of being relegated. See, over there they take the worst teams at the end of the year and make them play in a lesser league.” Presumably, by “over there” MMJD means scads of other nations where promotion/relegation between divisions is a long-standing practice.

And with that in mind, we can turn our attention to one of those lesser leagues, the Coca Cola Championship, where top of the table Reading maintained their record-setting pace (23 matches without a loss) in beating last place Milwall, 2-0 on goals from Steven Sidwell (above) and Kevin Doyle

Cumbucket Media’s plans to have Graeme Souness star alongside Mike Tice in a touring holiday production of “Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” recently went to hell when the respective coaching fortunes of each suddenly improved. Souness’ Newcastle defeated West Ham, 4-2 earlier today, Michael Owen scoring three goals and setting up the universe’s most boring man, Alan Shearer with the 4th. I’m sure there’s a perfectly reasonable argument for why Liverpool are better off with Peter Crouch (above, left) rather than Owen. For instance, can the latter secure his teammates autographed photos of David Jason? I didn’t think so.

The Mighty MJD asks of Manchester United, “if they’re the Red Devils, why are they wearing blue?”

That would be United’s ingenious use of what they like to call “away uniforms” over there. Incredibly, this innovation was in place long before the club’s new American owners came aboard.