Cleveland signed free agent C Andrew Bynum (above) earlier this week to a one-year, $6 million pact. If Bynum can regain the form he flashed towards the end of his tenure in Los Angeles, it’s a steal, but that’s a rather large “if” given he missed the entire 2012-13 season after being acquired by Philly in the Dwight Howard-Andre Iguodala 3-way swap.  Bynum’s agent, David Lee (no relation to the Golden State center) tells the Akron Beacon-Journal’s Jason Lloyd,  “his expectation is to be nothing less than an All-Star next year,” (“he doesn’t see any reason why not”), though Lloyd was careful to poll someone not earning a commission on the deal.

“I don’t think (the knees) are going to be a prohibitive issue,” Lee said. “I think last year was an aberration for a whole host of reasons.”

Plenty of folks around the league disagree, including some within the Cavaliers organization. When asked Wednesday which knee was worse, a Cavaliers executive said, “They’re both not good.”

So while Lee expects Bynum to return to All-Star status with healthy knees, the Cavaliers question when Bynum will be able to get on the floor and contribute.

A front office executive from an opposing team, who is familiar with Bynum’s history and his knee issues, was asked which side is closer to the truth.

“(The Cavs) are telling the truth,” he said.