Cardinals 10, Reds 9

The good (?) people of Cincinnati should’ve known they were in a long season when the acquisition of David Weathers was characterized by management as an upgrade.

Tom Glavine’s former caddy and “closer” Danny Graves allowed 3 and 4 earned runs respectively in a wild 9th inning comeback by the visiting Cardinals, 6 of said runs being scored with two outs (HR’s by Jim Edmonds and John Mabry being the deadly blows).

That St. Louis are the class of the NL Central is no stunner, nor are the Reds’ struggles a shock. But when Cincinatti can’t protect a 6 run lead in the bottom of the 9th, at home, well, it’s enough to make Schottzie 02 emerge from the grave and shit on Carl Lidner’s lawn.

(CSTB pays tribute to a simple beast. And Schottzie, too!)