Hi folks,

I am filling in for Tim Brando today on Sporting News Radio network from 3-6pm EST.

I hope you can tune in.


Scott Wetzel
Sporting News Radio

Dear Scott,

Your letter reminds me of a story my grandfather once told me.

A rabbi was walking home when he spied one of his neighbors lying in the street, underneath an elephant about to stomp on the man’s crotch.

“My friend, get up!” implored the Rabbi. “You’ve can’t possibly allow this animal to crush your testicles!”

“It’s alright, Rabbi, ” sighed the man. “I’ve been listening to Scott Wetzel’s show all weekend. There’s nothing Jumbo can do to me that Wetzel hasn’t already managed.”

But as always, I wish you the best and hope you have a good show. It has to happen one of these days.