You tell me: is it more extraordinary that someone I think is probably Jewish — a combination of my own in-born Jewdar and the fact that Wikipedia tells me so* — grew to the size of 6-8, 250, or that the same person threw five excellent innings against a first-place team with a broken bone in his leg? Jason Hirsh: you are today’s credit to the chosen people. Your gutsiness certainly far surpasses mine, although to be fair to myself I did go outside a couple of times on what’s a very humid day here in New York. The AP, via Sports Illustrated, reports (on Hirsh, not my trip to the supermarket):

Colorado Rockies pitcher Jason Hirsh broke his right leg — and kept on pitching against the Milwaukee Brewers.

X-rays revealed the fracture Wednesday, a day after Milwaukee’s J.J. Hardy lined a ball off Hirsh’s leg during the first inning of Colorado’s 11-4 win. Hirsh allowed three runs — two earned — and three hits in six innings, throwing 87 pitches and improving his record to 5-7.

*By the way, the Wikipedia vouch thing is, if anything, in the debit column on Hirsh’s Jewish Question. I just want to believe.