Though characterizing Big Blue’s Tom Coughlin as “an uninteresting marionette and a caricature of an actual human being”, Newsday’s Anothony Rieber ranks Col. Coughlin ahead of the Rangers’ Tom Renney, the Islanders’ Mike Nolan, the Mets’ Willie Randolph, new Yankee hire Joe Girardi and last-but-least Isiah Thomas as the New York area’s top professional coach.  Of Thomas, Rieber writes, “only in James Dolan’s crazy world is he still employed. He’s No. 7 only because there’s no No. 8.”  Ahem.  That’s one hell of a way to diss Dave LaPointe.

Today marks the 35th anniversary of The Immaculate Reception, which the Fanhouse’s J.J. Cooper recalls as “the greatest play in sports history”.  Bobby Thompson, Mookie Wilson, John Starks and Diego Maradona were all unavailable for comment.