Actually, Dick’s Harvard appearance yesterday is merely a convenient excuse to remind you all that not every rumor about a politically conscious celebrity turns out to true.

In another journey into pretending-we’re-People Magazine territory, here’s wishing Damon Wayans much luck with all business endeavors…that have a name other than “Nigga”.

Cinematical’s Adam Finley reports there’s a sixth Air Bud film in the works.

This time the plot apparently revolves around Buddy’s puppies, who set out to rescue him and his wife Molly from dognappers. It sounds as if sports doesn’t play a major role in this installment. This is unfortunate, because after seeing Bud play basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, and baseball, I was hoping the next movie would somehow involve fencing. I really wanted to see a dog running around with a sword in its mouth and jabbing people in the shins.