I’m of mixed feelings about Rickey Henderson’s refusal to hang up the spikes. On one hand, his insistence that he still has something to offer a big league club seems slightly delusional, not unlike the UK Subs continuing to tour, or pretending that anyone wants to read another blog about what dull people did with their dull day (always helps if a party is mentioned, though).

On the flipside, who am I or anyone else to apply arbitrary standards for how this all-time great should live his life? I mean, what else should Rickey Henderson be doing? Buying a team with Reggie Jackson? Making his way through the business world ala Fran Tarkenton? A Rickey blog would be awesome (much better than Phil Anselmo’s, probably) but I doubt we’ll be seeing it. And it isn’t as though Rickey is costing a deserving younger player a roster spot — the Atlantic League is cast-off city, with everyone involved struggling to stay in organized baseball.

(Charlie Harper and gang, gratuitious, uncalled for references above and below).

If Henderson has enough in the tank to provide any sort of entertainment, even at indie league level, that’s good enough. And who knows, maybe the UK Subs will make the first good record in their career? Anything’s possible.