Much as I’d like to envision Ryan Leaf as a modern day Randle Patrick McMurphy doing battle with a rehab clinic’s version of Nurse Ratched, chances are, the real life circumstances are far less entertaining.  From The Great Falls Tribune’s Michael Beall :

Former C.M. Russell High football star and NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf was transferred from Lewistown’s Nexus Treatment Center to the Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge, state officials confirmed Thursday.

Leaf, who was sentenced by District Judge Kenneth Neill to a five-year commitment to the Montana Department of Corrections for drug and burglary charges in June, had been in the lockdown drug rehabilitation facility in Lewistown since July 12. The five-year sentence now translates to prison, said Bob Anez with the Department of Corrections.

The first nine months of Leaf’s sentence were to be spent in Lewistown. He would then spend six months in prerelease center before likely being given supervised community placement for the rest of the five years. However, “the Montana Department of Corrections terminated Leaf from the treatment program and placed him in prison after he was found guilty of behavior that violated conditions of his drug treatment placement,” Dawn Handa, regional probation and parole administrator in Great Falls, said in a statement. “The violations included threatening a program staff member.”