Brewers 12, Mets 9

(in case you’re wondering, this is not the same photograph of Hernandez that appeared earlier today.)

I never thought I’d write these words….but perhaps Danny Graves could’ve stayed in the game a bit longer.

Then again, his 6 pitch 8th inning must’ve taken a huge toll.

In Hernandez’ defense, you’ve gotta be a special kind of reliever to have a shot at blowing 3 saves in 3 days.

I can understand why Jose Santiago might not be the first or even second choice late in a close game such as this, but given the condition (and recent performances) of Hernandez and Looper, any decision besides giving the former the ball would’ve been acceptable, unless no other pictchers were left.

Carlos Beltran’s inability to come up with J.J. Hardy’s bases loaded line drive in the 6th looms large in Thurday’s disaster, but if Hernandez (or anyone else) had shut the door in the ninth, we’d not think about it nearly as much.

Mike Piazza was 3-5 with with 5 RBI’s and a HR (his third in the past week). Cameron, Beltran, Wright and Piazza are getting the sort of hits in bunches the team sorely needed in the Houston series, shame the ‘pen can’t get the job done.

Next volume of that Harold Reynolds DVD series : Bunting With Lyle Overbay.