The Revenge of Jose Guillen ; successfully fingers Brendan Donnelly (who else would’ve known?), then smacks at game tying 2-run shot off Scott Shields.

From the LA Daily News’ Gabe Lacques.

The benches cleared. The bullpens sprinted in from the outfield. And naturally, in the middle of it all was Guillen, whose Sept. 25, 2004, on-field tantrum and subsequent clubhouse screaming match with Scioscia expedited his trade to Washington.

Most of the players disengaged on their own, but Guillen required two teammates and a coach to restrain him and escort him back to the Washington dugout.

It appeared Guillen got mixed up with Angels pitcher John Lackey, whom he accused of not defending him when hit by pitches last year. Guillen said his intensity in the scrum stemmed not from enmity toward former teammates, but rather disdain for Scioscia’s actions.

“He didn’t show any respect to Frank,” Guillen said. “You talk about respect and leadership, I don’t think he showed any right there. He came out like he wanted to punch Frank. Frank’s a 75-year-old man (actually 69), Mike’s 40-something.

“It’s a good thing nothing happened. Everybody knows Frank is too old.”

Did Guillen ply his new club with inside information on Donnelly?

“Don’t go there,” Guillen said. “I don’t know anything. It’s not my business.”

Did Guillen rat him out? Donnelly was asked.

“I can’t answer that,” he said, nodding toward a club public-relations official.