There’s still plenty of bad blood to go around as the Omar Vizquel / Jose Mesa feud stretches into a 10th year, and multiple participants in yesterday’s plunkfest at Coors believes the umpires handled it poorly. One of ’em, quoted below by the SF Chronicle’s Henry Shulman, believes the opposition’s pitcher being run just exacerbated the problem.

“I think they lost control of the game early,” Ray King (above, left) said of the umpires. “Holliday was hit on purpose. But Eli’s wasn’t on purpose, and right then and there they blew the call. They shouldn’t have thrown Matt Morris out right there. It wasn’t intentional. We hit their guy the other day, they hit our guy. It’s over with. The umpires tried to take control of the game and they blew it by tossing Matt Morris right there, and that takes away from the game.”