….or just plain dumb? The Boston Globe’s Bob Hohler explains.

Patriots star Rodney Harrison was so brazen – or naive – about buying human growth hormone through an allegedly corrupt system on the Internet that he made no effort to disguise his name or home address, according to law enforcement authorities.

Harrison, who voluntarily met last week at Gillette Stadium with investigators for the Albany County (N.Y) District Attorney’s office, acknowledged purchasing human growth hormone “more than once” online last year with an illegal prescription provided by a doctor associated with a Florida wellness clinic, prosecutors said.

“I was quite impressed with Mr. Harrison’s response when he was confronted with the issue,” said Albany County District Attorney P. David Soares in a telephone interview. “I commend him for immediately taking responsibility and being completely cooperative and forthright.”

Soares, while praising Harrison for accepting responsibility and speaking forthrightly to prosecutors about his involvement in the scandal, also commended the Patriots and the NFL for cooperating with the investigation. In addition to helping clear the way for prosecutors to interview Harrison in Foxborough, Soares indicated, the Patriots protected the integrity of the investigation by not disclosing information to Harrison that could have enabled him to alter his story.

“We’ve had experience with confronting people with this kind of information and they are not forthcoming and cooperative,” Soares said. “Any time they are willing to sit down at the table and be honest and forthright, you have to admire that.”

Evan Fields was unavailable for comment.