[President-elect Obama, L, explains to Roger Clemens, R, that he can’t actually pardon anyone until he’s sworn in.]

The Waxman committee, which gave us Vince McMahon’s testimony last week, is now following thru on the Clemens testimony of a year ago.  A Grand Jury has convened to investigate the former Hall of Fame first-balloter for perjury.  This reporter is clearing his schedule and letting Congress know that he is available for expert witness testimony and that all his investigatory smears reports on Clemens will be made available.  What caught my interest is that which the NY Times buries at the bottom of the story — Federal Investigators are now interviewing more “women who have been linked to Clemens in published reports.”  The Times does not cite which middle schools they attend.

According to one person who was interviewed in recent months as part of the federal investigation, Longmire spent much of the meeting asking questions about women who have been linked to Clemens in published reports. The person said it did not appear that investigators had developed much new information.

Investigators have also focused their attention on Houston, where Longmire, and other agents, have interviewed Shaun Kelley, the owner of a fitness center, and several of his former employees in an apparent attempt to find someone other than McNamee who would link Clemens to performance-enhancing drugs.

In addition, in an interview on Dec. 31, Kelley said that at least two of his clients had told him that they had been interviewed by federal agents.

œTwo possible things could be going on here, said Daniel C. Richman, a professor at Columbia Law School and former federal prosecutor when asked about the current effort of the investigators. œThey are either just trying to show Congress that indeed they are doing something or the other possibility is that this is the beginning of something interesting.