‘Roid Rage poster child Bill Romanowski, doing promo for the forthcoming remake of “The Longest Yard”, visited WFAN’s Chris Russo and Mike Francesca during the former’s Super Bowl remote from Jacksonville today.

Asked to comment on “being dragged through” what Francesca eloquently described as “the BALCO thing”, Romanowski replied

“You know for me, it was a year and a half ago. I’m moved way past that, I’m onto bigger and better things.”

“Are you involved in any way in this thing?” inquired Francesca. “Any continued involvement from a legal standpoint?”

“No, no, none whatsoever. I’m moved past that, I’m doing movies and other things now.”

“Did you do steriods at one point in your career?” asked Russo.

“No….that’s not a part of who and what I’m about. Like I said, I’ve moved past that.”

After listening to Romanowski give away the ending to the movie (and watching the befuddled Francesca try to absorb the knowledge that Adam Sandler is supposed to be a convincing football player), Russo give it one more shot :

“So you’ve never met Victor Conte?”

“Have I ever met him? Well, like I said, it was a year and a half ago…”

“So you admit that you’ve (unintelligble)…”

“No, no, that was a year and a half ago, I’m past that. I don’t spend time worrying about those issues.”

I realize that Russo and Francesca aren’t exactly Woodward & Berstein, and I suppose they deserve some credit for even bringing “the BALCO thing” up. But for all of Romanowski’s denials, he was implicated in the BALCO testimony, and he’s been named in a $3.8 million lawsuit for ending a teammate’s career whilst juiced up. But as long as he’s past all of that, no problem.

And by the way, which do you find less believeable :

a) Bill Romanowski never used steroids
b) Adam Sandler credibly playing the part of a (jailed) pro quarterback
c) Adam Sandler credibly playing the part of a man married to Tea Leoni.

(l-r, Romo, needs powerful lawyer, Leoni, needs new agent)