The Wizards suspended Etan Thomas (above) yesterday for the wonderfully worded “conduct detrimental to the team”, as the Washington C exchanged blows with counterpart Brendan Haywood during practice yesterday for the 3rd time in the past two seasons.  The Washington Post’s Ivan Carter has Thomas’ side of the story.

“The entire situation doesn’t make sense,” said Thomas, whose minutes have fluctuated since he returned after missing 13 games with a sprained ankle. “I am trying to find my rhythm after missing a month with this ankle injury, trying to put together some decent games, feeling good to be a part of everything that the team is accomplishing, and this cat decides to hit me with a cheap shot during practice and I reacted. I could have turned the other cheek. I guess I didn’t.”According to Thomas, Haywood was not happy following Wednesday’s 110-83 loss to the San Antonio Spurs because he played only 21 minutes 12 seconds. Thomas, who is averaging six points and 5.6 rebounds in 19.2 minutes per game, played 22:31 against the Spurs.

“San Antonio just beat us by what seemed like a hundred but I guess all that matters to him is he didn’t get the minutes he thinks he deserves, so he’s mad, which results in a displacement of anger,” Thomas said. “What does he think, that throwing a cheap shot at me is going to keep him on the floor? Bottom line, I’m not putting up with any garbage from Brendan Todd Haywood, but at the same time, I do feel bad and upset with myself for allowing him to bait me.”

Thomas has already established himself as an acclaimed man of letters, but he’s really going for the knockout blow by citing Haywood’s middle name.