(a heavily sedated animal, above, with Siegfried. In the center, a big scary tiger)

From Court TV’s Lisa Sweetingham.

The bodyguard who once protected tiger tamer Roy Horn of the Siegfried & Roy magic duo claims that Siegfried Fischbacher is a “tyrant” who overmedicates and humiliates the ailing Horn, who is still recovering from a tiger-mauling incident.

“Siegfried was a tyrant and had loud, explosive outbursts at the plaintiff and at Roy,” says the civil suit filed by Louis Mydlach, a former Siegfried & Roy insider.

“[Fischbacher] forced Roy to take medication, even when Roy begged to not be medicated,” the suit claims.

Siegfried is also accused of refusing to hire competent medical workers to look after Horn’s day-to-day needs, and painting a picture in the media of the “amazing physical rehabilitation of Roy” when those close to the star knew “it was all propaganda.”

Mydlach says his role changed from that of security guard to caretaker, “in all the undignified matters concerning his debilitating condition … including personal care cleaning, bathing and various bathroom duties.”

Though I can’t speak to the alleged mistreatment of Mr. Horn, I do have to wonder about Mydlach’s competency as a bodyguard. Not only was he incapable of saving Roy from a vicious tiger attack, but he was also proven to be useless when it came to stopping a drive-by shooting carried out by a former Oakland Raiders placekicker.

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