Though the former Mav claims he’s too old to consider playing, surely he could contribute as much to the Knicks reserves as Jerome James? From the AP :

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is siding with former Dallas Maverick Roy Tarpley in his legal fight for reinstatement by the NBA, which banned him in 1995 for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.

The EEOC ruled that the NBA violated the Americans with Disabilities Act by failing to reinstate Tarpley, 42, who has passed all drug tests taken in the last four years, EEOC District Director Spencer Lewis wrote in a letter of determination dated May 17 sent to Tarpley, the Mavericks and league attorneys.

In a separate letter dated June 28, Lewis wrote that the EEOC’s attempt to mediate an out-of-court resolution had failed, clearing the way for Tarpley to sue within 90 days. He is seeking at least $6.5 million, said Joe Walker, his attorney.

“The goal of the whole action is to get him reinstated, get his name back, and also to compensate him for the loss he’s incurred,” Walker told Houston TV station KRIV on Wednesday.

Keep in mind that as recently as two years ago, John Lucas opined that Tarpley still had something to offer as a player.

The NBA’s TV schedule for ’07-’08 was released Thursday, and ESPN’s Mark Stein notes the Celtics will be featured on national TV some 19 times next season. But far more importantly, the ‘Melo/Knicks rematch will take place on November 6. And best of all, there’s no Kobe/Shaq bullshit to ruin Christmas this year. That’s what your family is for.

The Fanhouse’s Tom Ziller
reports a big patch of hair on the back of Drew Gooden’s neck is supposedly responsible for the Cavalier’s success with the ladies. Hey, Chuck Dukowski sported a similar look back in the day, and I’m sure SST HQ was crawling with supermodels.