Russia’s Football Union — already stung by claims they’re less than concerned about racism in their country’s top flight soccer league — are left to explain the conduct of CSKA Moscow’s winning representative in the annual “Miss Charming” beauty contest, 21-year-old Olga Kuzkova. From The Guardian :

Officials stripped Kuzkova of her title after it emerged she had made a series of racist social media postings, including one showing her performing a Nazi salute while standing in front of a wall covered in Nazi graffiti.

Sergei Cheban, the league’s executive director, told the Sport Express newspaper: “We do not tolerate manifestations of fascism, nationalism and racism. It is unfortunate that it happened. However, I beg people to understand the situation and the person. When we are young we all make mistakes, sometimes going the wrong way. Who is not without sin?

“Some errors are corrected easily, some are more difficult. I would be happy if this story will help Olga deal with her outlook on life. Olga herself told me that she was ready to give up the title after what happened, because of the shadow cast on CSKA and its fans. I replied that she did not need to be hasty, but in the end, we consulted with members of the jury and decided to withdraw the award.”