As you’ve probably read elsewhere, departing ESPN Radio morning host Colin Cowherd scoffed at the notion field management was beyond Marlins skipper Dan Jenning’s skill-set, reminding listeners there’s quite a few Dominican players in MLB. Reaction to Cowherd’s ugly insinuation came quickly, and on Friday, ESPN announced that Cowherd — allegedly heading to Fox — need not show up for his final 6 broadcasts. Said edict came on the heels of Cowherd issuing the following apology, one Awful Announcing’s Matt Yoder notes reads an awful lot like Hulk Hogan’s :

Given that Cowherd’s brand of contrived controversy is hugely dependent on offending somebody at any given moment, can he really claim that wasn’t his intent? Likewise, for Cowherd to claim it’s out of character for him to smear Dominicans, keep in mind this is the same guy whose resume includes calling John Wall the product of poor parenting, bragging he could shut one sports site down, and conversely, plagiarizing from another.

Still, who’d have thought Keith Olbermann would end up outlasting Cowherd at ESPN, even if by just one day?