I was tempted to write that if Rutgers ever wanna be considered a truly big time football program, their players and staff will have to move up to international abuse….but I really can’t handle any more long scolding phone calls from Vivian Stringer.   From the Newark Star-Ledger’s Bridget Wentworth.

Rutgers assistant head football coach Chris Demarest (above) was charged with assaulting a woman early Saturday morning at a nightclub in Long Branch, according to police.

Demarest, 42, was arrested at approximately 3 a.m. and charged with domestic assault because the coach and the woman were in a dating relationship, Long Branch police said. The charge falls under the category of simple assault, police said.

The incident was witnessed by an off-duty officer from another law enforcement agency, according to police. The officer then contacted Long Branch police, who went to the nightclub and made the arrest, police said.

Demarest, a veteran secondary coach who was promoted this spring to assistant head coach, was released at 10 a.m. after posting bail, police said.

Long Branch police would not release the name of the woman. They also declined to disclose details of the incident or where it took place. The police said the case remains under investigation.

Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano, at a Big East football function in Newport, R.I., said last night that he knew little about the arrest.

“I just recently found out about it,” he said. “I’m still in the process of gathering information about it.”