Blow-up dolls and Cubbie baiting aside (?), the 2008 Chicago White Sox are immersed in another soap opera-ish campaign, one that has Rob Warmowski suggesting a step a little more drastic than anything Jimmy Leyland employed yesterday,

While the Sox have every right to be concerned about repeating – with depressing exactness – the awful 2007 season of wasted pitching via petulant non-hitting, this is the wrong approach. As badly-needed motivational initiatives go, instead of one reeking of moronity, desperation and latex, I suggest the Sox consider all the options the world of sport has to offer.For example, Saturday™s Kentucky Derby reminded us that for some competitors, the end of a bad day comes not in a clubhouse but in a little white trailer staffed with a doctor, a syringe and a map to the glue factory.

Let me be clear: I am not, under any circumstances, advocating that 2B Juan Uribe (Avg .181) be led into that trailer.

I only suggest renting and parking that trailer in 3rd base foul territory, so that repeated trips back to the dugout while going 0 for 4 include for each batter a glimpse of what might be.

That™s got to work better than proxy-rape humor – the whole point of a wake-up call is that it™s something you don’t hear all the time.