While Cowboys fans are left to ponder exactly how Dallas is meant to be a better team next season after telling a wide receiver who’d caught 38 TD’s in 3 years to fuck off, Sports On My Mind‘s D.K. Wilson is quick to ask “can you name one other athlete in any other sport who is church-going, has never appeared on a rap sheet, out works every teammate he has ever played with, and has consistently been one of the best at his position for over a decade, who has been the subject of so much negative press as Terrell Owens?”  dwil might well wonder how a QB with a resume much thinner than Owens’ remains so beloved in some quarters, despite having led Dallas to zero playoff victories.

When the press tells the public the quarterback is a gutsy winner but Owens knows he™s a scattershot-armed, chicken with his head cut off type who is just as prone to make poor decisions as he is to hit the open or proper man, and who has bought into the hype served up for him by the media to the point where he™s walking around the locker room trying a little too hard to be œthe man instead of the journeyman QB, and the team is losing largely because of him, Mr. T.O. appears at the presser to tell the truth.

When the quarterback is commercialized as a mama™s boy goody-two shoes who, on the football field has been press-hyped to possess cojones de piedras plus be Joe Cool, but when the Big Game is on the line is hyperventilating and pukes instead of calling a play and proceeds to blow the final drive because he™s quite literally choking, but after the game plays everything off like some bad shrimp from the night before just hit him, it™s time for Mr. T.O. to step to the mic and riff some spoken-word dissing only he can contrive.

When the quarterback is Disney™s Sports Arm-hyped to be the, above the Mason-Dixon Line version Brett Fav-ruh – quick jokin, gun slingin™, football lovin™ winner – but uses you as his off-field buddy-buddy and his on field crutch when he drops back to pass to the point where even TV talking heads can see it, then instead of opening up his field of vision he latches onto a lesser receiver who happens to be slower – and then becomes his off-field buddy-buddy, and he gives away the fact that his personal game is weak because he™s being used as a boyfriend by a D-list singer who is dumb as a box of balloons but needs publicity, it aint™ Mr. Nice who™s giving the quotes¦. nor is it Dr. Terrell.

Yet, each time, who got killed by the snake boys and girls in the media? Not the guys who deserve the pillorying that might be the final nail in the coffin that causes a head coach, general manager, and owner to put their heads together and think about just who the clown is under center, but the easy target, Terrell Eldorado Owens.

The media, the spinners at ESPN, tell us constantly how tired they are of athletes giving stock answers to reporters™ questions. However, when honest, heartfelt answers are provided them, media members become suddenly prone to taking umbrage with the responses they receive; it is yet another manipulation trick in the media™s bag

And for Terrell Owens, media-driven umbrage has rained on the vast majority of his NFL parade.