Count me amongst those somewhat blown away to learn that not only is former no. 1 overall pick Ryan Leaf serving as QB coach at West Texas A&M (first person to write “those who can’t do, teach” is banned from the comments section ’til the end of the work day), the former Chargers bust is also the school’s new head golf coach.

At the risk of rewriting a previous joke, there’s still hope, I suppose, for Todd Marinovich to become New Mexico Highlands’ offensive coordinator / head of the humanities department.

While Pro Football Talk is speculating that Jake Plummer’s threat to retire rather than accept a role as Chris Simms’ backup in Tampa is actually a ploy to force a trade to Houston, the Globe’s Mike Reiss reports the Patriots hosted veteran RB Sammy Morris earlier today, following the official release of Corey Dillion.

Newsday’s Neil Best covers the Worldwide Leader’s marketing efforts on behalf of the new Arena Football League campaign (starting Sunday, by the way) and maintains “much like last month upon returning to NASCAR, the Bristol Stompers have unleashed all of their promotional power.”

Since I’ll assume Best watches nearly as much ESPN programming as me, perhaps he’s fast-forwarding through the commercials. I’ve seen a few AFL spots, but not nearly as often as those excruciating, everybody’s-talking-NASCAR-at-the-water-cooler spots (you know, the one with the Amy Poehler soundalike). Really, why doesn’t the camera linger on the kid reminding his dad how fast Jeff Gordon’s team changes tires long enough to capture the inevitable beating?