“I’m disgusted with the quality of Don Nelson’s coaching and with the lack of trust his players have in him,” howled Mark Stevens, agent for deposed Warriors captain Steven Jackson in what sounds like a doozy of a phone call to ESPN.com’s Chris Broussard last night. “Nelson is the winningest coach in NBA history to never have coached in the NBA Finals, let alone won a championship,” continued Stevens, “yet he keeps getting jobs despite being 69 years old.” Believe it not, that’s the mild stuff from Stevens, who holds Nelson accountable for career atrocities including, but not limited to, allowing Baron Davis to leave Oakland, fucking over Mark Cuban and aiming a racial slur at Wayne Embry.  Hey, he forgot pissing off Patrick Ewing! Golden State Of Mind’s Atma Brother One took in Broussard’s column and asks Jackson’s representative, “do you realize Nellie ressurected your client’s career and took it to new heights when practically NO ONE in the league wanted anything to do with him?”

5 Questions for the “Captain’s” Agent

1. Did it ever hit you and your client that each and every inane public outburst you guys make just makes decreases the chances some other GM and head coach are willing to foolishly trade for Jackson and the remaining 3 years on his contract (thank you Robert Rowell)?
2. Do you charge your clients extra for unfathomably making it even harder for home fans to root for them?
3. Do you seriously want to bring up “credibility and character” when your client is none other than “Captain” Jack?
4. Do you really think it’s classy or the least bit wise to talk trash about your client’s head coach through the media when he’s still playing for him?
5. Who are you again?