No doubt aware you can’t spell “consensual” without “sensual”, the Sacramento Bee’s Chelsea Phua covers the ugliest thing to happen to the Kings organization since the Maloof brothers asked Vince Neil to sing the National Anthem.

The Kings’ Justin Williams does not deny that he and his longtime girlfriend had sex with the woman who is accusing him of rape, but he said it was consensual, according to his lawyer.

Attorney William J. Portanova said his client, a reserve center for the Kings, has told the truth about what happened the night of Oct. 11 to everybody who asked, including the Sacramento police. So has his girlfriend, Portanova said.

“The truth is nothing happened that night that was not consensual, and we have proof of it,” Portanova said. “While some people may find it distasteful to think about it, it’s a reality of 21st-century life.”

According to law enforcement sources, the alleged victim said she met Williams and another woman at a party that night and ended up in Williams’ North Natomas home. The woman told police that she had a drink at the house and felt woozy, and that Williams and the other woman then tried to have sex with her early on the morning of Oct. 12, the sources said.

ortanova said the party started at a downtown bar, moved to another location and ended at Williams’ home.

As the party progressed, the numbers dwindled, but Portanova said those present saw things that night that supported Williams’ version of events.

“The party started at a nice bar with nice people,” Portanova said. “What happened was no surprise to anyone who was there.”