A recent Sacramento State News survey found only a third of local voters approve of the job being done by Mayor Heather Fargo. As such, former Suns PG Kevin Johnson has thrown his hat in the ring. Though I know very little about KJ’s positions on the major issues of the day, I am very hopefully the political neophyte will denounce and reject the remarks of Darla Records’ Chandra Tobey, who claimed Sacramento’s citizens were “œpeople with frosted hair, really gross long nails, mullets and trucks; lots of overweight, out of shape, pale and greasy people.”

Though he might not have any political aspirations, after hauling in a career-high 20 rebounds tonight in the Celtics’ 90-78 home win over Detroit, Kendrick Perkins might wanna think about challenging Boston Maor Tom Menino. I have no advice for the incumbent, though he could do worse than check this out if he’s got time to kill at his desk.