Southampton 3, Leeds 4

Not to take anything away from Leeds’ remarkable comeback, but Southampton’s inability to hold a 3-0 lead through 70 minutes should have the rest of the Football League thinking twice about hiring a dilettante rugby coach as “performance director”.

There are no such scapegoats available from the egg-chasing world for QPR to blame, sadly, as Rangers’ 3-1 away loss at Plymouth catapulted the home side out of the Championship’s relegation zone.

Norwich’s Dickson Etuthu has been accused of spitting at Luton Town’s Kevin Nicholls, provoking the latter’s sending off in the Canaries’ 2-0 victory. Bill Romanowski and Robbie Alomar are said to be appalled.

Congrats are due to West Bromich Albinon. Their 4-0 blasting of Everton (2 goals from Nathan Ellington, above) on FSC this morning was the Baggies’ most decisive Premiership victory to date and featured quite a bit of what Marv Albert would’ve called “extended garbage time” had he been up in time to watch.