The glory of modern technology enabled CSTB’s gleaming cathode ray to display Brad Lidge shutting the door on the Cardinals while simultaneously showing the Matt Leinart/Brady Quinn Death Match. Of the latter, I’ll say this much — the only reason that wasn’t one of the greatest college football games in history is ’cause there wasn’t a way for both SC and Notre Dame to lose.

(the Irish were one 4th and 9 away from toppling the two-time defending National Champs, but as you’ve probably figured out by now, Matt Leinart is the toughest ballroom dancer this side of Evander Holyfield. Tougher, maybe.)

For crazy early evening dramatics (I’m not even mentioning Penn State/Michigan on account of picture-in-picture-picture beyond a little too excessive, even in my delirious state), tonight was hard to beat. I’m sure the author of “Life As A Loser” would’ve done an excellent job live-blogging both, had anyone given him keys to the office.

This isn’t a great week to be a football team from Minnesota.