The above headline, of course, refers to former USC head football coach Pete Carroll, and former Trojans head basketball coach Tim Floyd. The two men are currently employed by the Seattle Seahawks and University Of Texas at El Paso respectively, having carefully resigned the positions at Southern Cal just before the heavy shit came down. With Carroll and Floyd having left Dodge in the nick of time (to say nothing of faux-amateurs turned pro Reggie Bush and O.J. Mayo), the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Jeff Schultz attempts to answer the natural question, “who pays the price at USC?”

™¦Lane Kiffin Perfect. In addition to bolting Tennessee and the whole karma thing , he was at USC as an assistant from 2001 to 2006, when several violations took place.

™¦ Mike Garrett, the athletic director. He™s a miserable human being, so nobody feels too bad about that, either. Besides, all of this happened on his watch.

™¦ Current student-athletes. Not fair. All of those players at the program who had nothing to do with the violations pay the biggest price.

I™m not sure if there is a solution. At the very least, those players should be allowed the opportunity to transfer to another Division 1-A school without having to sit out a year. It also would be nice if pro sports leagues could work in concert with the NCAA and universities and mandate some kind of financial payback.

Maybe there can be a contract clause that states something like this: œIf the program goes on probation after said athlete/coach leaves as a result of the actions by said athlete/coach when he/she was here, then said athlete/coach will be subject to a $7 million fine and a public stoning.