…entitlement? Suspended Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger continued his Damage Control 2010 tour, sitting down with KDKA’s Bob Pompanei yesterday, shortly after the Georgia Bureau of Investigations released copious amounts of videotaped interviews with Roethlisberger’s accuser. It’s an amazing chain of events in which Big Ben is described as menacing, if not downright predatory, and hours later a Pittsburgh TV station teases an interview in with the following;

COMING UP: Tonight on KDKA-TV News at 11:00pm: A lot of people have suggested that Ben could solve a lot of his problems by settling down, getting married and starting a family. Hear his reaction to that tonight on KDKA-TV News at 11!

Not to make light of a serious matter, but can you imagine the Carnival Of Low Self-Esteem that awaits Roethlisberger when finally decides it’s time to “settle down”?   I’m no expert on this kind of thing, but I’m gonna take a wild guess that very few ads on Match.com, e-Harmony or the like include the line, “LOOKING FOR 2-X ACCUSED RAPIST”.